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In Greek mythology Demeter (or Dimitra in Modern Greek) was the goddess of harvest, blooming and fertility. The same name as the goddess has given to our grandmother, although in reality this is not the only thing they have in common. Grandmother Dimitra has a unique and very beautiful garden, which cares and looks after with great effort. Since we were kids we remember our grandmother, as our own goddess,

to offer her special traditional food and sweets beside the cool garden in summers.


Inspired, therefore, by the values ​​and philosophy of the goddess Demeter and walking in the footsteps of "our own" Dimitra and the love that we developed for nature in general, we decided to share this special part of our lives, offering our hospitality to people who want to experience the beautiful Parga.

In "Dimitra’s Garden" you will discover the beauty and serenity of our childhood but you will also meet, even now, in the shade of lemon trees, grandmother Dimitra in the same project, tireless and imperious.

We invite you in our apartments, to treat you some of our favorite sweets and jams and “taste” of how we dream vacation in Greece.

Enjoy the summer!


Our apartments are recently renovated each one with their own kitchen and wc. Hot water is available all day through solar and electric heating systems and laundry service is also provided upon request.


Pets are welcome upon request and without any extra charge.

We are trying to provide our guests the best possible service, so we will be glad to  hear about your needs!



"Dimitra's Garden"

Agion Anargiron 8, Parga, Greece


ΜΗ.Τ.Ε. 0623Κ122Κ0110701

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